Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

Yep, still tanking NaNo. Really resenting the dayjob now. Fingers crossed we get a storm day on Thursday–not that I’ll have time to NaNo even if we do, but it’ll let me catch up on some of the dayjob stuff that’s hanging around my neck like a millstone.

Have I mentioned I’m not enjoying this job right now? Grrrr.

Anyway, here’s a small piece from the NaNo novel, which takes place just after Christmas break, until I change my mind about that. 😛 Mo proposed a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship to Kev, which Kev–of course–shut right down. Until the weekend after everyone gets back…

One busy week after he’d gotten back, Mo was having a lazy Saturday night watching videos and sipping on beer. Some of Todd’s Programming friends had dragged him out trolling for women and Mo had the room to himself.

Todd had invited him along, but Mo hadn’t felt like going out, though he couldn’t put a finger on why. Still, slightly-illegal beer and Monty Python made for a decent night.

Bzzzzzz. The vibration of his phone startled him away from a second go-round with the mosquito-hunting sketch. He picked it up with one hand while hitting pause with the other and checked the caller id.

Kev. Wonder what he wants? Mo thumbed open the message.

Were you serious the other day? About the you know what?

The you know what? That was funny. Kev needed to get over talking around the subject of sex if he was going to shrink people’s heads. Yes, he sent back.

Mo waited, his stomach knotting with anticipation. Time stretched, and he wondered if Kev had chickened out, or if he’d gotten called away for something. Then his phone buzzed again.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Fun, fun, fun! This is why I’m so cranky about work, which I normally love. But it’s not leaving me any time to spend with these two guys who make me laugh.

Maybe over Christmas…

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