Tuesday Tickle: The NaNo Book!

With my typical crappy working title, that will probably end up being the title, because I have zero talent for them. But it’s a fun little NA contemporary, set at a fictional university, and drawing on some stories from my own college days. 🙂

It’s even more first drafty than usual, because this is NaNo and you don’t comb back through things in Nano. I’m just under the necessary average per day right now, because I got less than 600 in yesterday. I suspect that’s how it’s going to be for the next month, because of dayjob, but it’s still a good pile of words compared to last month, so I’m happy.

Anyway, here’s me screwing with Kev a bit. 🙂 (Hey, it’s my job!)

Four hours later he crawled out of bed, ran through the shower in record time—blessing the fact that RAs got a private room with their own shower—and headed out to the lecture theatre with his backpack over his shoulder, a bagel in one hand, and a cup of crappy instant coffee in the other.

The seats were about half full, and he sighed as he fell into one next to Badge Murchison, who was in his fourth year in Business and had been the other RA on Third Badlam last year. “Morning.”

“And good morning to you. Rough night last night?”

“Worked. I’m running on less than four hours sleep. Please tell me we aren’t having any ‘activities’ tonight.”

“Naw. Just getting assignments and getting everyone moved in. Though anyone who checked in yesterday already has their floor assignments.”

“They do?”

“Makes sense. Don’t want to move them in, then have to move them again and reinspect the rooms.”

“Shit. I should have nosed around more last night.” Kev craned his neck to look around. “I wonder if they’re gonna let me move. I’d like to get into something quieter.”

“You did alright with Third Bedlam last year.”

“It was exhausting. And I’m trying to get into Honours for fourth year, so I need time to study. I don’t want to spend all my waking hours breaking up crazy stunts or shutting down parties.”

Badge elbowed him and jerked his chin at the podium. “I think you’re going to find out soon enough.” Kev looked toward the front of the room, where the Dean of Student Housing was shuffling papers while the IT guys got the microphone and the projector running for him. Kev sipped at his coffee and crossed his fingers discreetly in the folds of his backpack.

The Dean leaned forward and spoke into the microphone. “Good morning everyone. Good to see so many happy, shiny faces in the room. I’d like to welcome you back to the start of what I’m sure will be a wonderful academic year, with many successes.” He looked down at his papers. “Some of you already have your room assignments, but you’ll get your master keys today. Just to be sure we’ve covered everyone, I’m going to go through the list house by house. Please note your residence, floor, and wings, so you can claim the appropriate keys when you come down.” Then he began to read from the list.

It didn’t take too long. Halfway through the list, the Dean read out, “Kevin Hobbs, Badlam Hall, Fourth Floor, North Wing,” and the sinking feeling in Kev’s stomach was confirmed.

“Fuck me,” he whispered under his breath and closed his eyes for a moment to collect himself.

“Hey,” Badge said, nudging his shoulder. “You’ll be fine. They don’t give Fourth Bedlam to just anyone

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