Necessities of Writing: Choosing Your Drink

No, not booze! (Although, I could do a post on that some day. Just imagine the research…)

Nope. By drink, I mean that nectar of the gods, and saviour of sleep-deprived writers everywhere…COFFEE.
There’s my Keurig, which I’ve only just noticed really needs to be cleaned. It’s a measure of my current indolence that I’d rather put that picture up than go down, clean it, and take another picture. (Never blog after eating out with your kids. So full…)

So, there’s three kinds of coffee shown here, because you need different coffees for different purposes.

There’s French roast, for first thing in the morning, when my eyes refuse to point at the same thing at the same time, but instead run wild like toddlers who’ve just discovered the chocolate fountain.

If words are good, and the stories are behaving, and my brain agrees to focus for more than ten minutes at a time, there’s the Blue Mountain. It’s heart attack expensive compared to other coffees, but drinks in much the same way a fine wine does, without the running into walls and falling down stairs part. (well, no, once the caffeine kicks in, it’s actually a very similar experience. No hangover, though. 🙂 )

And, in the evening, I have this new thing to try. I’m not sure if you can get it in the States, but it’s out in stores here. It’s a decaf coffee, with valerian in it. Which hopefully will counteract the effects of the Blue Mountain and the French roast, and let me sleep at night. I’m trying a cup now, and there is a slightly herbal taste to it. There isn’t the richness of flavour that I find with the other two, but decaf tends to taste rather thin to me anyway. Still, we’ll stick it out for a few nights and see if I sleep any better. Knowing I have a manuscript sitting in my editor’s hot little hands, and knowing the story I’m working on needs to be finished ASAP, it’s probably a good idea not to stress my system out any more than it already is. 😀

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  1. the editor in question - June 19, 2014 Reply

    This seems an opportune moment to mention that your editor is a coffee freak who thrives on the stuff (well, technically the neurophysiological effects of the scent compounds [yes, it’s a real thing], as well as a small boost from the sugar she loads into it by the ton). Because she is ridiculously caffeine-resistant, she can and does imbibe it with abandon, at all hours, in mass quantities, whenever she so desires. She makes a particularly badass cold brew, she edits every one of your stories while mainlining from the coffee shop, and she’s debating whether to show up on your doorstep to mug you for your stash.

  2. Kate Lowell - June 20, 2014 Reply

    Conversations with my editor. 😛

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