Werewolves, Witches, and Wordcounts

It’s always a guessing game, when you start a new story. How long will it be? How many chapters? What subplots will jump up to surprise you?

When I started Bite Me, I figured it was likely going to be a bit longer than Bite Me Tender. After all, I had Levi’s story from before he met Glyn, and then the story of their time together in New York.

Bite Me Tender ended up being about 35K. So, I figured–I’m telling two separate stories. They’re both taking place over extended periods of time. There’s a lot of world-building character establishing in there. (And Gram wants a chapter again. Shoot me now, please. *passes out*)

My guess was–oh, about 40,000 words. Give or take a thousand or so. I actually figured I’d be wrapping it up in about the same space as Bite Me Tender, but I know I also tend to underestimate, and to underwrite things, so I padded my guess.

(I can hear Gram laughing now.) I have at least four more chapters to go and, as I go through it before sending it to beta, it may grow another one too. For a while, I was thinking it might end up going to 50,000.

Now I’m thinking 60.

So, yeah, if you want someone to guess your age, I’m probably your girl.

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