Food coma is not a writer's friend

Coworkers talked me into going out for supper tonight. Boy, was that a good idea/bad idea. Good, because it was absolutely delicious and I had to neither cook it nor clean it. Bad, because now I’m so full I could roll over like a winter bear and sleep until spring. Right now, I’m mainlining coffee trying to stay awake long enough to get my daily wordcount in.

On the bright side, I’m already almost at my January goal, so if I want to take a day off, I can. If I’m only thinking about making my wordcount.

However, there’s other issues to think about. I’m still behind on Bite Me, which also shows every sign of blowing past my length estimate. I have a considerably longer one planned for summer release, which I need to work at. There’s the sequel to Nuts About You, which will need to be ready for mid-summer. A short or two for this year’s Absolute Write fundraising anthologies. The revisions on Knight. And a couple of other semi-secret projects that are in the works.

Research and experience says that having a release every 3 months is the optimal schedule in the MM Romance genre. I’m already late on my story, and the one after will likely later still. I don’t have time to take a day off.

Kameron Hurley was right when she spoke about persistence, although she spoke about it on a macro scale, applying it to the career of writing. For me, it also fits on the micro scale, in the small daily additions that eventually add up to a completed manuscript. It’s not the long days that let me complete a story, but a certain persistence that means I add at least a little bit to something, every day.

If you write, or if you want to write, don’t let the lack of chunks of time stop you.

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