Belated Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me (Later)

A quick Tuesday Tickle tonight, because I did promise. But I have to run and shovel again, because it snowed (again!) and is supposed to snow tomorrow, then some more on Sunday, then a storm is supposed to drop by on Monday to leave behind a bunch more–you guessed, it–snow.

Snow is a four letter word around here right now.

I almost envy Levi, out camping in the woods on a warm late June night. Well, except for what happens:

Really, running was a stupid thing to do. They should have climbed a tree and waited the pack out. But they were committed now and few of the trees on this side of the brook had limbs that would hold their weight anyway. But if they could make it across the log bridge…

Branches whipped at Levi’s face, sharp needles bringing tears to his eyes.The path back to the brook blurred in front of him and he stumbled over a tree root.


Bryan paused to grab him by the arm and pull him upright again. “Come on!” They ran, lungs burning in their chests, with the howls and the crashing of the underbrush getting closer all the time.

The wolves caught up to them as they burst out of the woods and stumbled into the brook. Levi reached under the water and heaved the biggest rock he could lay his hands on up to his shoulder. “Run!” he yelled, and launched his missile at the closest of the predators, then spun and raced for the other side of the brook. Behind him, he heard a yelp, and splashing as the wolves jumped into the water after them.

I thought they were afraid of humans.

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