Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me (Later)

KL_ChristmasGoesAnalog_coversmBefore I forget, Christmas Goes Analog is on for $4.49 at Loose Id right now. So if you’ve been thinking about it and wavering, now’s the time to click over and grab it, before it goes back to regular price.

I’ve been working away at the story of how Levi and Glyn got together and, yes, my subconscious is still a better writer than I am. I’m surprised by all the things it keeps throwing at me. Particularly about Glyn. He baffles me constantly, but I like it. 😀

The brackets are up there because–as per usual–I’m thinking about changing the name. What if I just lopped off the later and called it simply Bite Me? Only, there’s a vampire book out there with that name. What if I leave the brackets in? Will the cover artist have an aneurism? I’m kind of hoping to get the same cover artist for this one–I wonder if Loose Id will do requests? Lol.

Oh, there’s two hours left to throw your name into the hat for the Christmas ornament. Click here and leave a comment!

Anyway, here’s a few lines, from Levi, before he was Levi the wolf:

Levi drained the last of his beer in one long swallow, wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, and lobbed the empty over the fire toward the edge of the clearing. With a grunt, he got up and walked halfway around the campfire to rummage in the cheap styrofoam cooler sitting just out of range of the flame’s heat.

“Any hotdogs left?” Bryan asked, poking at the fire with a sturdy branch.

Levi dug down in the melting ice that filled the bottom third of the cooler. “A couple. You still hungry?”

“I could eat. Toss ‘em over.”

He pulled the package, dripping, out of the icy water and lobbed them carefully back at his friend, then dug out another beer and twisted the cap off with a bare hand. “You want another beer, too?”

“Why not?” Bryan didn’t look up from where he was carefully impaling the tubes of meat on his branch. “We’ve still got that dozen in the brook.”

Levi glanced at the bottles left in the cooler. “There’s only two left. I’ll go get them.”

Bryan nodded absentmindedly, intent on his cooking. “You want the flashlight?”

Levi laughed. “Man, it’s a full moon. I’ll be fine.”

Muwhahahahaha. Famous last words. Well, not quite his last, but, you know…

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