Sort of Christmas Goes Analog Cover Reveal

‘Cause Loose Id beat me to it…


Tada! Isn’t it lovely? Yes, the cabin is important, as is the idea of a Christmas tree. Valerie Tibbs was my artist for this cover. I love what she did with the branches in the front. And she got Shawn and Rob pretty well, given what a short turnaround it had. You can just see the sort of uncertain expression on Rob’s face, there in the back. Poor sweetheart. He really is such a lovely young man. I’m glad Shawn is who he is, because Rob’s tried so hard–he needs someone to look after him.

Did I mention it comes out December 3rd? And that I’m going to be giving away stuff? Like books and a Christmas ornament? Because I am.

After all, it’s Christmas. Sort of.

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