Today I was a Woodchuck and Tonight I shall be a Beaver (lol)

It snowed here last night, for the first time. It didn’t last, but it’s a sign that winter is definitely on its way. My brother came out to help me put more wood in the basement, and to clean out more junk. So, we spent the afternoon tossing logs in through the basement window and then stacking them up behind the furnace and along the walls. It’s good to have that done, and to have a chance to pick his brain about how the workflow goes in a video gaming company. I made changes in the story after listening to him talk and I hope they ring true with any IT professionals out there.

There are more tweaks to make to Christmas Goes Analog, which is what my evening will be spent on. The story gets longer and longer–at the rate I’m going, it’ll soon be a novel, albeit a short one. I have my cover and it’s lovely. You’ll have to wait a bit to see it–Sinfully Sexy will do the official reveal in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m working on blog posts in every spare moment I have, since I have a few lined up and a few more to arrange. It’s hard to come up with new ideas–you don’t want to repeat yourself, but how many different topics can you cover when it’s all centered around one story? But they’re coming, if slowly and painfully.

So it’s nose to the grindstone tonight for this Kitty. And tomorrow night. And probably all the nights after that, until release day.


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