Squirrel Girl is here!

Nathan is not pleased about waiting. We all saw his wrathful countenance yesterday. Well, it seems he’s taking his revenge one step further.

He’s enlisted Squirrel Girl, the new Marvel superhero.

And you can get her character for free, if you want to save your gold or Eternity Splinters, and go to the ingame webstore. Can’t wait? You can buy her with real money, too.

She comes with an Amelia Earhart-style aviator costume!

Unleash the Squirrelpocalypse! *collapses laughing*

There’s still time to pre-order Forgotten Menagerie for 20% off. A glitch at the publisher has delayed release until Tuesday, so if you were on the fence, you’ve still got a few days to decide. Check out the excerpt at Book Reviews and More by Kathy. The giveaway is done, but the post is forever…

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