Bite Me Tender's One Month Anniversary!

So, here we are. One month later. How’s it been?


Want to know more? Check out my post at Dawn’s Reading Nook.

As for the writing–Sexmas is coming along (no, that’s not the name, but I have no idea what to call it. I hate coming up with titles for stuff.) Glory is on hold, since my personal writing time is limited to the point of one WIP at a time, but I’ll be picking back up with xem as soon as Sexmas is in my editor’s hot, grabby little hands. Then it’ll be on to Furface and Je Veux…, I think. And I’m sure A Knight in Shining Kevlar will be in that mix somewhere, in some fashion. (Three weeks left before I should know if I’m getting an R or an R&R–I can’t imagine getting an outright acceptance from Riptide–I’m still too newbie to have those kinds of skills.) And it’s one month until Nathan the weresquirrel and his unsuspecting love interest Vince make their first foray into the world, so getting ready to promo that.

And that’s my life right now. Writing, housework, looking after hubs. Dodging the plot bunnies. I’m never bored, anyway.

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