Wow, that's quite a gap in the posts

I’m just popping in for a quick post to explain and give everyone a head’s up. Hubs is home–his cancer is terminal. We’re looking at maybe 8 weeks, if we’re lucky. I’ve been running around like a crazy person for the past week, getting hold of Home Care Services, filling prescriptions, visiting doctors, talking to the lawyer, dealing with family and friends and rearranging the house so he can be home, with his family, until I’m no longer able to meet his needs. Plus, the kitten went back to school this week, so there’s been all that as well.

It’s been frickin’ nuts. I’m exhausted and my time is no longer my own. I’ve managed to write a few words, but not consistently. Still planning on that Christmas release–I’m taking the computer to the hospital with me today and I’ll work while he’s napping (hubs was admitted for clots and swelling last night. And wasn’t that a clusterfuck–I went through the whole list of his meds 4 times over the course of the day, and he had to do it twice while I was gone to pick up the kitten. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that being in the hospital is a restful experience, because it’s not. He would have been better off at home).

Anyway, pre-emptive apologies for the lack of entertainment value you’ll find on the blog for the next little while. I may manage some random posts, but I can’t promise any kind of schedule. And, what time I get, I want to spend on making sure my two geeks have a happy Christmas together. Rest assured, I’m still beavering away–just maybe not as efficiently as is my wont.

I’d like to thank everyone who bought Bite Me Tender, because watching it climb the ranks at All Romance ebooks and seeing the royalty statement for the first week at Loose Id were real highlights in his days. He worries, and it makes him feel better to know that I have this money coming in. So thank you, for easing hub’s mind. You can’t know how much it means.

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