Playing With WordPress

One of the things I wasn’t aware of when I picked WordPress, is how hard it was going to be to set up the books pages. Especially considering how wide-ranging my interests are. Do I set them up by sub-genre? Series? Free and paid reads? What about the standalones or the anthology stories?

Too damn many choices for a Libra.

Tables don’t really work with WordPress, which I was really surprised to see. So I need to be creative. And just willing to try a bunch of different things.

Apologies in advance for the aggravation I’m sure I will cause. But, in compensation, there’ll be a surprise for you on the weekend. Pop back in Saturday, about lunch-ish, and you should find it. 😀

Oh, and I’m playing with a calendar thing on the right hand side of the blog. What do you think? It works through Google Calendar. I can input anything I want in it and have it show up. Kind of neat, eh?

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