Steak and Beer and the May wordcount

‘Cause my brain has run off with my muse to do nasty things, so there’s nothing left to do except drink beer and eat steak. And ice cream. But looky, I did have words this month…

May Word counts 2013

I’ll admit that most of them were like pulling teeth, with all the interruptions I had. Hopefully June will be more settled. I’m almost halfway through my estimated word count for Furface and I think I will write the full moon scene tonight. After I finish off the scene where Glyn…oops! Almost let that one slip! Trust me, it will be so worth the wait.

Goodreads hasn’t told me yet when Sign of Spring will be out yet. It comes out in a thread in the group first, then the downloads are available at a later date. There’s a few stories out right now–incredible work going on here. I totally got sucked into Kaje’s, so you should go read that. Here’s a link to the folder where the stories are being posted. Don’t forget to leave a message for the author!

And I wonder why I have an inferiority complex.

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