Tuesday Guest Tickle: Second Skin by Genna Donaghy

Genna is a member of my critique group and a fantastic friend and beta reader. She’s just signed a contract with Musa Publishing for her first novel Second Skin.

Second Skin is a thriller detective story with LGBT elements in it and a fun twist on the genre. In celebration of the contract, I wanted to share a little bit with you:

A second doorway led off from the room. This was locked, and Shane watched Franklynn shield the electronic keypad with one hand as she typed a code.

The moment the door clicked open, the German shepherd lunged forward, making Shane start in surprise. Franklynn moved faster, though. With deft hands, she snagged the eighty-pound dog by the scruff of the neck and pulled him back.

“You’ll just get in the way, Jamison. Stay out here.”

The dog snapped its teeth at her. But it turned away from the door and skulked to the futon where it leaped up with easy grace. And… was Shane’s imagination in overdrive, or was there a gleam of intelligence in those eyes?

Franklynn looked to Shane and gestured to the door. “After you.”

What have I gotten myself into? he wondered, but supposed it didn’t matter. He’d play stupid, observe what he could, and call his brother for backup if there was anything illegal going on.

The room beyond was the largest by far, big enough to park buses in. It was windowless, with bare concrete floors. It also stank of bleach. There was a series of wire cages stacked against one wall, with larger ones on the other side. Excited yapping, squawking, and howling came from that direction, and he guessed there were small animals locked within.

A deep voiced bark drew Shane’s attention to the right. Several large dog kennels were set up; each was a durable chain-link rectangle, with a plastic doghouse in one corner.

A man stood inside one of those pens, as naked as the day he was born.

Yeah, she puts an odd twist on things. Makes for an interesting read.

You can catch up with Genna on her blog Genna Writes Good.

And, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at writing MM, feel free to look us up at the critique group. Or, if you’d rather just dip your toes and chat, with no writing requirement, you can try us at our discussion group.

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    What are you doing liking your own tickle? Silly woman! If that isn’t enlightened self-interest, I don’t know what is.

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