Tuesday Tickle: Nuts About You

Sorry about the lateness–problems with my DNS and I couldn’t get out onto the internet at all. Just over halfway through the synopsis of Knight and dying of boredom. The story that the betas forgot they were supposed to be betaing, in synopsis form, could be used as a lethal weapon of mass boredom. Hope the editors have lots of coffee on hand the day it lands on their desk.

I just signed the contract with Storm Moon Press for Nuts About You to appear in their Forgotten Menagerie anthology, so I thought I’d celebrate by posting a little squirrel sleaze for your delectation tonight.

Vince was stroking himself now, the sponge all but forgotten in his other hand. He grimaced and braced the hand with the sponge against the wall above the window. Nathan watched, mesmerized, as Vince trailed his hand up and down his shaft, palm caressing the length while his fingertips tapped and squeezed the head. He reached down to cup his balls and did something there that made him throw his head back, mouth open in a moan that Nathan could only imagine. He found his own furry paw heading south, as if it and his cock had minds of their own and were conspiring together. Nathan shook his head and pulled his paw back. It might be called ‘spanking the monkey’, but animal form was not the one to be doing it in. Claws. Instead, he gripped his tail tight and leaned further out to get a better view.

Which is when his paw slipped and he found himself plummeting to the ground. No! I’m going to miss the best part! He landed hard, momentarily breathless, but shook it off and dashed for the trunk of the tree again. In a desperate hurry, he scrambled along the branch and down onto the feeder again. A nearby starling squawked and laughed at him, but he only had time to give it a furry fingered salute before scampering around the side of the feeder to the end facing the house again. Oh, please don’t let him be finished…

They asked for dragons and gryphons. I gave them a squirrel. ‘Cause I’m just contrary like that. 😛

Kitty, can’t look at peanut butter any more (and if you want to know why, you have to buy the antho!)

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