Tonight's Tuesday Tickle has been Pre-empted by The Awesomely Fantabulous Goodreads Threadhop

Okay, so I got silly the other day and decided I really didn’t have enough work to do. (Yes, I am wearing my dunce cap. How kind of you to notice!) So, I went and organized a thread hop with 6 other writers who are also doing the Love Has No Boundaries write in.

Starting on Friday, April 12th, we are going to play a circular game of Goodreads tag. I’m IT–meet me here on the blog for the link to my first post.

What are we doing? Well, mostly craziness. Each week has a theme, or a question, that the author will post on. The first week is an excerpt from the WIP, to give everyone a taste and an idea of who we’re dealing with. After that, all bets are off and you’ll have to tune in each week, and each day of the week, to find out what the theme is and how our authors and characters are handling it (and let me warn you–some of our authors are characters!)

Who are the victims volunteers? Me, Max Vos, Layla Hunter, Jena Wade, Kimber Vale, Madison Parker, and Jack Pyke.

Here’s the links to the threads if you want to check them out. The authors will also be posting snippets of their stories, randomly, as the event progresses. So, put a sticky note on the computer and remember to start making the rounds come Friday.—carey—-claimed-by-madison-parker—joan—-claimed-by-jack-l-pyke—jason-nsfw—-claimed-by-max-vos—audrey—-claimed-by-k-vale—bookwatcher—-claimed-by-laylah-hunter—holly—-claimed-by-jenna-wade—brittany—-claimed-by-kate-lowell

Now you have your formal invitation to tune in Friday to see what a dirty, dirty boy my little Robin is.
Kitty, giggling fiendishly

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