Tuesday Tickle: A Knight in Shining Kevlar

Well, I think I can safely say that Knight has hit critical mass, which is my geeky way of saying that most of the empty spots in the plot have been filled in, at least in my head. It’s just finding the time to write them down.

This bit comes from about halfway through the book, when circumstance force Ross to lay all his cards out on the table.

“Bedroom’s this way,” he said, tugging Ben in the direction of the hallway. Ben laughed and efficiently stripped Ross of his jacket and shirt. Wow, never realised that would be one of the fringe benefits of dating a cop. He tilted his head back to allow Ben access to the sensitive skin under his jaw and a flash of blue caught his eye. Blue? He opened his eyes wider and searched the living room for whatever it was.

A huge vase full of blue roses stood proudly on top of the low bookcase he used as a coffee table.

“Shit!” He shoved Ben away and stumbled as he stepped back to get a better look. The thunk his head made as he hit the wall flashed him back to that moment seven years ago and an agonizing blast of fear burned up his nerves before he got a grip on himself.

“Ross, what’s wrong? What did I do?” Ben crouched beside him, worry and puzzlement on his face. One hand reached out toward Ross, but stopped before it could touch him.

Ross tore his eyes away from the roses to look at Ben. “Nothing. You didn’t do anything.” He put his hand in Ben’s and added, “Help me up.”

Ben pulled him to his feet and steadied him when he wobbled, his vision swimming—from nerves or from the crack on the head, he didn’t know. He walked over to the roses and made a circuit around them, looking for a card or some other sign of who had sent them, but there was nothing there.

“Ross?” Ben asked in a worried tone.

“There’s no card.”

“So, you didn’t buy these?”

“I hate blue roses.” Ross looked up at Ben. “Michael always gave me blue roses, because pink was for girls.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” A pause. “Who would send you blue roses?”

Fuck. Ross looked up at Ben. “I have another confession to make.”

Lol, not sure if that’s famous last words or the last words you want to hear from your significant other.

Okay, must go fill in a little plot hole. Because enquiring minds need to know why Michael sent the roses.

Have a good one!

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