Tuesday Tickle: If/Then

How’s about a little biopunk? Imagine a future where you can be penalized if you don’t produce enough energy and criminals are biochipped and forced to work off the cost of their capture and their debts to their victims. And, if you have enough money, you can buy people who aren’t people, human beings that can be programmed to serve your every need and desire. This is the world of If/Then.

Eli comes from a family of thieves. He’s been contracted to steal a cyborg…

As the cyborg crawled out from behind the chair, Eli took a good look at it. He’d been shown pictures when he’d been hired, but they hadn’t even been close. The creature raised a hand to brush its hair back from its face, long graceful fingers threading through strands as pale and fine as moonlight. Eli thought it looked about twenty years old, though it had probably been decanted a lot more recently. Loose black—pyjamas?—covered its body where it crouched. Not that he could see much past the clothing and its guarded stance, but he guessed it was a few inches taller than him. Slender, fit. Everything the televids made them out to be.

“Hello,” it said and that voice, coming out of those lips, made all his blood rush straight to Eli’s cock. Ease off, boy, he told himself. This is a job and you’re wasting your margin of error staring. He shook himself and held out his hand. “Come on, we’re leaving.”

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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