One Smart Cookie: I love Patricia C. Wrede

Like I said, she’s smart. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I write lately, and how to trigger the writing mood, and it got me looking at the different styles of writer out there. And looking at “writing advice” that’s out there by the ton.

Great minds thinking alike and all that, apparently Ms. Wrede was doing the same thing:

And she’s right on the money. You have to write your way, not someone else’s way. Do what works for you and not what works for Joe Blow down the road. And the advice we get as we embark on our fledgling careers as writers is often not the kind we really need, in order for that career to have the best chance it can have.

I’m very lucky, in that I am a member of two different groups of writers, loaded down with fun, creative, practical and extremely generous people, who have guided my steps and have generously refused to beat me with a pool noodle when I do something boneheaded against their advice.

Thank you ladies and gents! I do appreciate you all!

Kitty, having difficulty choosing which delicious pair of dudes to work with tonight.

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