The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Apparently, I’ve been hit again with the blogger version of an internet snowball chain.  This time, it’s the VIB award. I thought it was appropriate, though, coming right after The Next Big Thing.  A bit of info about the story, then a bit of info about the author.

So, here goes:


Facts about me:

1. I speak both english and french and often forget which language I’m speaking. It’s embarrassing when the people I’m talking to don’t speak the language that I’m speaking.

2. The name Kitty actually didn’t come as a nickname for Katherine, though it can be. Kitty was actually the best of a series of bad nicknames related to cats. I used to work as a veterinary technician and have been involved with a number of animal rescues. And I am never without a cat. Usually, more than one. And Kitty’s better than the Cat Lady or the Crazy Cat Lady.

3. I’m married to a farmer and I have a black thumb. Even the cacti struggle here. Mr. Kitty finds it perplexing. Meh. I’d rather write than look after plants.

4. I have two ponies. One is a beautiful little red mare. The other is an adorable old guy, about 30 years old, who came to me as a rescue. He was a rack of bones when I got him, but now he dances and plays and refuses to be caught, unless it’s supper time. He also has no teeth. Most of the time I call him Old Man Pony. Most of the time he calls me, “Get away, crazy woman, I don’t want to be brushed!”

5. I’m a science fiction and fantasy fiend from way back when I first started to read. I was reading Asimov and Anderson and McCaffrey when I was 7. I still like to read them.

6. I can, and do, read any genre, although I avoid horror because I have enough trouble sleeping as it is. But just about anything turns my crank, as long as it’s well written and the author respects my intelligence as a reader. And my favourite Shakespeare play is A Comedy of Errors.

7.  I have a daughter I call the kitten. She likes to write as well. Right now she’s writing a werewolf/vampire/greek gods mashup, aimed at the YA market. I hope some day she’ll share it with me. I’m writing her a werewolf story, if only because I think 11 is too young to be reading some of the explicit sex  that seems to go hand in hand with the YA that’s out there. And she’s obsessed with werewolves. Damn that Twilight anyway. (No, she hasn’t read the book or seen the movies, but it’s so darn pervasive!) And yes, I’m fully cognizant of the irony in that statement.

And that’s pretty much it about me. I’ve kept the really scarring stuff to myself, except for the things I scare my editor and beta readers with. Perhaps some day we’ll get drunk together at a conference and I’ll tell you all about my days working in the ambulance service. Just be prepared to buy the drinks.

I’m going to tag MC Hana  and Heloise West for my next victims in this wordy snowball fight.

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