Rockin' the New Year's Wordcount Goal

Whew! What a weekend! Once I got my head straightened around and starting writing what I was ready to write, things went absolutely swimmingly! 1100 words yesterday, 1800 today, plus a bit of editing on the first chapters of both Je veux… and If/Then.

But now I’m exhausted. Not from the wordage–I’ve been known to hit 3000 in a morning then run off into the afternoon yelling “Yippeee! I’m free for the day!”. No, this had more to do with the subject material. Today was the day I tackled the chapter where Ross, my outgoing, happy-to-meet-you teacher explains to his cop boyfriend about a seriously messed up relationship he had while in university. It’s not a happy scene, or rather, two scenes, coming right after a very tense meet-the-family dinner. And I know it sounds rather cliché, but these things are still happening–if we ignore them in art, then we are denying that they exist. The fact that I get to address this fact within the context of a gay relationship is one of the perks of the job, because I don’t think there’s been enough said about it yet. It helps that I’ve been down that road myself and can draw on those emotions. They stay surprisingly close to the surface.

Rest assured, I plan to give him a happy ending. So to speak… 😛 (I’m an erotica writer–you have to expect dirty puns from time to time.)

Because I’m a science geek, as well as a purveyor of quality smut, I have a fun little link for you. It is to a web series called “Wild Sex”. The link is to Episode 10. Don’t get your hopes up that high–it’s acutally a biology documentary. But this one is called “The Power of the Penis”. I feel a bit embarassed–I never would have guessed at the sheer variety of penises out there, and some of the truly weird things they do. Go on, you know you wanna. Just click, I won’t tell.

And think about all the fun you can have at the water cooler tomorrow!

Don’t forget about the Tuesday Tickle, where I’ll be posting a few lines from Bite Me Tender.

See you then!

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