Friday night, a glass of wine and following The Next Big Thing

TGIF. I love Fridays. Not that I don’t like my day job–I do! I work with some very nice people. But Friday night means coming home and knowing that I will have chunks of time, hours all together, to spend plotting and playing with words. If I’ve gotten behind, I can catch up. If I’m not behind, I can get ahead. The joy of having no ticking clock.

There’s also the unjoy of knowing I’m behind on critique quotas and my monthly deadline for my non-MM scifi/fantasy group is tomorrow. And I’m still 400 words short. And most of the rest are…less than wonderful. (Sorry, words, it’s not you–it’s me).

So, what am I doing on this lovely Friday night? Tapping away fiercely on the keyboard? (Okay, I guess I am, but not on my WIP’S!) No, I’m watching Homicide: Life on the Street and browsing through a bunch of blogs, erotica or not, where someone has participated in The Next Big Thing blog hop. If you’ve never heard of it, The Next Big Thing is like a online game of tag, where the first person in line answers 10 questions about a book of theirs that they are either working on, or have recently finished. Then, at the bottom of the post, they ‘tag’ several other bloggers to talk about their books. I’m wandering around trying to figure out how other people handled some of these sticky questions.

Why might I mention this? Well, because I’m going to be tagged in a couple of weeks. M.C. Hana, author of Moro’s Price, just did hers and tagged a few people, the result of which–I’ve been tagged by Azalea Moone. I was half tempted to do The Next Big Thing on my biopunk story If/Then, which was kicked off by a dream I had shortly after reading Moro’s Price and A Chip in his Shoulder, by L.A. Witt. (We won’t tell Lauren Gallagher about that, ok? Girl’s got a temper and I don’t want her turning her sights on me after she takes Witt down. We all know it’s coming…). Anyway, instead, I decided I would do it on my paranormal romance, Bite Me Tender. Yes, goofy name. It suits the book, which has a fair amount of goofy in it. And two guys who are very much in love, have worked hard to make this relationship strong and are now having to make some seriously difficult choices that could mean the end of ‘them’.

Now, back to wine and our regularly scheduled murder…and maybe a few hundred words introducing my police officer to his boyfriend’s parents. Should be interesting…


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  1. M. C. Hana - January 5, 2013 Reply

    This going to be so much fun, Kitty. I’m glad you agreed to join in The Next Big Thing conga line.

  2. katelowellbooks - January 5, 2013 Reply

    I’m having a sudden flashback to some seriously out of control night in university, now. I bet you could still go back there and ask the natives about the Great Conga of ’89.

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