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Links: I haz ’em Alpha Squirrel Final Day :(

popcorn chipmunk1Last day of the tour, and the second last day for the 99 cent promotional price!

Don’t forget to check out these blogs and enter to win your very own Charlie. You don’t get to keep him long, though–Charlie’s getting a girlfriend in The Wall Nuts (well, if Nathan and Vince have any say in the matter), and then you’ll have to fight her for him.

Divine Magazine
Alpha Book Club
Open Skye Book Reviews
Bayou Book Junkie
Jessie G Books
Parker Williamson

Is it wrong that I have an urge to put that little chipmunk on a T-shirt and wear it around?

Tuesday Tickle: Pine Nuts and Honey

Chugging away at the squirrel story, and introducing some new wereanimals. Two of whom are a pair of mischievous red pandas who cause havoc during Nathan and Vince’s idyllic afternoon at the campground.

red panda

Outside the tent, two small animals rolled around in the dirt, sqeaking and pouncing wildly upon each other. The looked like a cross between a fox and raccoon, rich reddish-brown fur with a bandit’s mask and a fluffy striped tail.

Vince sat down to watch and laughed. “They’re adorable.”

“They ruined our lunch,” Nathan said gloomily. The grill had been knocked off the stones holding it up, and the burgers had been chewed on, then stomped into the ground.

“There’s a dozen in the box. We can put more on.” Vince inched toward the picnic table. “I wonder if they’d let us feed them?”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Nathan sighed, and watched his plan to slowly introduce Vince to some of the less crazy shifters fade away into the distance. “Devon and Hunter, get your furry butts over here.”

Conversations with my Characters

Me: Nathan, did you have anything to do with this bottle of Frangelico in my bag?
Nathan: No.
Me: Are you sure? I mean, I already had a bottle of wine in my hand. I didn’t need to buy a bottle of liqueur as well.
Nathan: Not me.
Me: I dunno. It’s kind of suspicious. I mean, it is hazelnut.
Nathan: What, Frangelico?
Me: Now, you know your tail grows when you lie.
Nathan: Really?
Me: What have I done?

It’s all in aid of character building. And it’s Friday. I have wine. And, somewhere, Frangelico.

Squirrels and Cakes

This, from CakeWrecks, has perhaps salvaged what had started out to be an absolute shit day.

I hope that’s just the cat, and not a plot bunny grabbing at my ankle…

Release the Kraken…uh, Squirrel…

Forgotten Menagerie comes out tomorrow. I’ve already teased you about Nathan’s squirrelly goodness, but did you know that Angelia Sparrow, Alex Whitehall, Cari Z and Avery Vanderlyle also have stories in the anthology?

I know, I’m a nag. Here, have a squirrel:

603837_541733432538505_433379652_n Nathan watching Vince through the window

Squirrel Girl is here!

Nathan is not pleased about waiting. We all saw his wrathful countenance yesterday. Well, it seems he’s taking his revenge one step further.

He’s enlisted Squirrel Girl, the new Marvel superhero.

And you can get her character for free, if you want to save your gold or Eternity Splinters, and go to the ingame webstore. Can’t wait? You can buy her with real money, too.

She comes with an Amelia Earhart-style aviator costume!

Unleash the Squirrelpocalypse! *collapses laughing*

There’s still time to pre-order Forgotten Menagerie for 20% off. A glitch at the publisher has delayed release until Tuesday, so if you were on the fence, you’ve still got a few days to decide. Check out the excerpt at Book Reviews and More by Kathy. The giveaway is done, but the post is forever…

The Squirrel has been Delayed

Due to some snafu in the process, it will likely be Tuesday before I’ll have my author copies to send out. But I will send them out, for certain!

In the meantime, have another ridiculous squirrel picture…


Yeah, right, Nathan.

Sunday Squirrel

I’m at Joyfully Jay tomorrow, with my two critique group buddies, Genna Donaghy and Jena Wade, talking about being in a crit group and giving away BOOKS! Drop by to enter for a chance to win one of our four ebooks: Bite Me Tender, Forgotten Menagerie, Touch Me Not and Shoes & Ties.


Nathan’s not that forward, but Vince is pretty good at keeping his feeders full. Of course, there’s a reason he makes those regular trips to the Bulk Mart…

Today is Open Excerpt Day for Shifters on Love Romances Café!

So, if you’re into shifters, check out the selection in LRC’s Yahoo Group!

I’ve posted a new blurb (and links!) for Bite Me Tender and one for Nuts About You as well. Things are just getting going now, so be sure to stop by regularly and see what’s out, what’s old and what’s coming up.