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I have covers!

analog2-newsletter   First of all, Christmas Goes Analog has a new cover and is now available in Kindle Unlimited!  Ana J Phoenix did this cover too, and isn’t it a fantastic job? While the naked guy in the background is maybe a tad too cut for a geeky systems administrator, I think she pegged my nerdy programmer perfectly. He can’t even leave his laptop behind when he’s posing on a book cover!  I’ve been playing with Vellum as well, which is a program used to format ebooks, so the insides will look different from the original, though the content is all the same (except for a few clarifications).

My other cover is for Nathan Goes To France Again! (Just kidding, that’s not really its name.) La Planète des Ecureuils (I forget the keyboard shortcut for that capital E with the accent, lol).

I heard from the translator while she was working on this story. Apparently, the puns drove her crazy too. 🙂  I love my punny, punny boys.

The book comes out from Sidh press on December 28th, I’m told. Watch for it on all venues. Or just watch this space, and I’ll provide you links. 🙂



And I know I’m going to get this question–I’m not done with The Wall Nuts yet. Romantic comedy is hard, harder than anything else I’ve ever written.  But, covers are easy. Mostly because I just send a picture to Ana and she makes magic. 😀thewallnuts

I adore how terrified he looks. It’s a perfectly natural expression when faced with Nathan’s family.

Grampa Wall on one side, The Dragon-Squirrel Lady on the other. And stuck in the middle are Nathan and poor, poor Vince. Oh, and a love-struck hummingbird.