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Flesh Market Update

Well, Flesh Market has fallen off the overall bestseller list at All Romance Ebooks, but it’s still climbing the Mystery and Suspense list, which is a nice little boost. I’ve had to put the sequel aside for a bit to work on the Christmas story, and get caught up on schoolwork. Check in tomorrow for a sneak peek at “Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas”. 🙂


The Most Awesome Science Scholarship Ever

I’m a science geek. I have two degrees, and have worked in some sort of science field for all my career. And this. THIS.

This is awesome.

The Science Ambassador Scholarship.

It’s so amazingly cool. A full tuition scholarship for four years, for women, just for being the person the most excited about the science you’re learning. And it’s funded by a Science Expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. (The whooshing noise you hear is the sound of my money zooming out of my wallet.) That may just be cooler than Steven Hawking.



It’s open to trans women.

*flails around giddily*

So, if you’re in the States, and you’re into science, and you identify as female, no matter what your outside bits look like, get yourself a video camera, or just a phone, and get your science on!

Necessary Evils

I have an old horse. Correction: I had an old horse. We put him down this morning. Just typing the words makes the screen blur in front of me and my eyes sting.

He was old. I know it was the right thing to do. He only had half his teeth. He was going blind and deaf. Both his hips were arthritic, but when we gave him medicine for the pain, his kidneys couldn’t cope. Three years ago, he developed heart failure. And this summer, I could not get him to put weight on.

I feel like I betrayed him.

He was skin and bones when I got him 9 years ago on Halloween. We used to joke that he was our very own living, breathing Halloween ornament, and I spent three thousand dollars on feed for him that year alone. A message for his previous owner: I hope you burn in Hell. No animal should be that thin, that scared.

We’ve had our ups and downs. He kicked me in the face the summer after I got him. For an old guy, he had lots of pep. And I got to ride in a wheelchair, though they wouldn’t let me race it in the hallways. (Spoilsports!)

But the balance between the needs of his heart and the needs of his kidneys was getting more and more precarious, and I realized that putting him through another winter would be nearly as cruel as what his previous owner had subjected him to. So I made the arrangements, gave him a summer of grass and leisure hanging around with his redheaded girlfriend, and then this morning I slipped some sedative into his breakfast while I groomed him and laughed at his equine bowl cut. Then we hung out on the front lawn, where I’d let the grass grow long and lush, and we had a quiet half an hour before the vet came.

I’ll miss your cranky face, Old Man Pony. Mr. CrankyPants. Gasman (Oh, his farts…).

My Chancie.

This. Just So Much This…

Ana J. Phoenix sent me this link. If everyone did this, instead of leaving us anxiety-ridden authors to flap in the breeze, we’d be so much saner. And fun to be with.

16 Really Great Things to Text to Your Anxious Buddy/Partner

Been a While…

My last post was about three weeks ago. A combination of depression and anxiety sidelined me starting the first week of August. Talking to other writers and arts-based workers, there seemed to have been a rash of depressive episodes during this month.

I’ve always had anxiety–it’s my daily not-so-best buddy. GAD, to be more exact. I’ve probably always had some level of depression, too. Comes from having that kind of middle-class background with the dark underbelly. You think you move past these things, but really you just learn how to cover them up, adapt, work through them, to the point where you don’t even recognize them any more.

I’m past the depression now, though the anxiety is still making it difficult to write. Some part of me has to wonder if August is always going to be a trigger for me, it being the month I had to send my husband away to someone else for a course of experimental chemo. And then the three weeks after he came home, with all the uproar, almost no sleep, and being powerless to fix anything for him as he slowly faded away. I have diagnosed PTSD from that, which is slowly fading as I paint new memories over the old.

But enough about that. What’s been going on in Kitty’s world since the beginning of August? Or, more accurately, this past week, since no one wants to hear about me binge-playing Tera and watching the entire first season of Mad Men in one day.

I have two writing announcements to make in the near future. I’ve got an outline for the sequel to Bite Me Tender, in which I put Glyn through the wringer again. World Weaver Press is looking for short stories about sirens, which I happen to have an idea kicking around for. I have a new keyboard that lights up when I even wave my hand above it. And I think the guy I just bought a heat pump from was flirting with me. I’m not sure, it’s been a while. 😛 But he has a boat. And a Cadillac. And a sense of humour. And I think I’m much shallower than I ever realized.

So, if August was the darkest it’s ever going to be–and I can’t see how it could get much darker than it was, given some of my thoughts during those weeks–things aren’t doing too badly. I don’t expect a steady climb out of the pit, but I think maybe this will be the year I can pull the stops out and see what I can make of this writing thing.

All Aboard the Wordy-Word Express!

Playing Hookey :)

I’m taking today off. I have to have the synopsis and the first part of the Christmas story in to the editor tomorrow, so I’m working on that.  And I finally opened the books on the last course in my French certificate. It makes me want to stick a fork in my eye, to be honest, but once it’s done, I never have to open another French book in my life unless it’s a novel or a recipe book. 🙂

There’ll be big teasers at Scorching Book Reviews on the weekend–one for Lead Me to You, the other for Flesh Market. julian So for now, I’ll just leave you with this picture. It’s the one I was originally using as a model for Julian from Flesh Market. Nice, huh?

Time for me to hit the treadmill and write some words I think. Or maybe just take a bath. I’m tired today and not feeling the right kind of wordy. Probably a good day for refilling the well. 🙂

Looks Pretty Nifty!

back end buy this bookYou can see on the right hand side how Buy This Book Extended looks from the front. The image to the left is what the back end looks like. It’s very simple, though it’s not entirely reliable, at least on my computer, when it comes to saving information. But the basics of the process is that you upload the information about the books–cover, blurb, series, buy links, book page, etc.–only once, and then after that you simply copy something called a short code–one line of code that will display your book in various permutations, with or without blurb, in rows or columns. And, if you need to change some information about the book, you only need to change it in one place, and it changes everywhere in the site.

The best part about it, especially for those of us with small and mid-sized presses, is that you can personalize all the icons for the buy links. In the other two plugins that I found, you had to pay for that functionality, but this one is free. The person coding this plugin is an author herself, so she’s very open to helping out and implementing requests in the code.

This version is in beta, so there’s lots of changing of functionality, and debugging of script. But, if you run a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can search her original plugin, which is much more stable, but not as flexible.

Still Playing With the New Website

I got a plugin, called Buy This Book Extended. It’s in beta, with all the attendant beta issues. You can see what it looks like on the right hand side of this page. If you click on the images, and my website decides to cooperate, buy links and–eventually–a short blurb should pop up. Once the next books in the series come out, I can line them up easily in rows. Actually, I might give it a try with the sequel to Lead Me to You. I have the cover, just haven’t finished the story yet. 🙂

I forgot how much fun playing with websites is. I could do this all day, but then I wouldn’t get any writing done, so I guess I better get back to the word mines.


ETA: I played with the plugin again, and now the buy links are visible all the time. Better? Worse? Doesn’t matter?

Flesh Market has left the building!

tumblr_m53u75T74E1qzx74yo1_500 I tidied up the word files today, attached the manuscript and the synopsis to an email, and sent them both flying off to The Editor in Question.

Now I don’t know what to do with myself.

I pretty much ate, drank, and slept FM for the past three months. It feels very strange not to be immersed in that world. Breaking free of those emotions isn’t going to be easy, especially where the story ends on more of a HFN than a HEA. (Don’t worry, I have more in store for those boys, including a resolution to something that is still troubling Julian at the end of FM.)

I did find an excellent video of a hip hop routine that I’m going to use for inspiration for the Christmas story, and while lazing around in the bathtub, I’ve started patting a scene into shape that will be based off of it. Maybe I’ll do a bit of that tonight. Or maybe I’ll just watch reruns of Game of Thrones.

Or I could do housework.

Who am I kidding? Where’s the popcorn.

Holy Smokes, It's Hot Around Here!

Of course, that’s all relative–I do live in the frozen north. But they’re talking about 27 degrees celcius tomorrow, which is about 85 farenheit? And humidity. (And all my Southern friends are laughing hysterically at me at this very instant.)

It’s also hot because I need to get my entry ready for the Sex Scene Championship over at Scorching Reviews.

 Scorching Book Reviews

In case you’re wondering, the Sex Scene Championship is an elimination-style, knock down, drag out fight to the finish between all our best naughty bits. There’s hetero and gay both, so no matter what you like to read, you can guarantee a rousing good time. (Or should that be ‘an arousing good time’?)

I’m seriously thinking about putting in a scene from Flesh Market, but I need to lock down the title before I can. I don’t have an official okay from a publisher yet on it, so there’s still the potential for them to decide it’s too similar to another title that’s out there and that it would get confused with it. I’ve shot off an email to The Editor in Question to see how we handle this. I hope to hear back soon.

In the meantime, two of my betas have gotten back to me, which means my mini-vacation is over. 39 chapters–4 days. Only one will survive.

I hope it’s the story.