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1978807_321519584667893_6995466395857257882_nIt’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working on some stuff, and dealing with the kind of roll-with-the-punches situations that life seems to be throwing at me lately.

I’m still playing with I don’t find it quite as effective, but it’s pretty close. I think letting the kid use it a couple of times moved it away from my optimum, but I’m slowly getting it back. I’ve settled on an average of 3000 words per day, one the days that I get anything done, but any time I try to switch back to one of my main projects, it plummets, which is frustrating. I think it’s because the practice projects have simpler storylines, so it’s easier to just sit and roll through it. I’m pantsing them too, which probably doesn’t help with the main projects.

Today, I plan to write a couple of scenes in The Wall Nuts, a few more in Proud Flesh, and a few more in a side project. It’s storming here, because Canada. Six inches of snow. I’ve decided that we all, collectively, need to buy Mother Nature a few drinks and get her laid. I keep checking my email and hoping that my daughter’s dance class is cancelled, lol. It feels like a pajama day. Brrrr.

Other than that, I’m still looking at late May for The Wall Nuts, simply because of editor scheduling. And I’m going to need to pick up some shifts at the old day job, because a couple of big bills just landed on my lap. I hate this in-between state, where I’m making almost enough to manage the household bills, but not enough to handle any emergencies. And this year has been one emergency after another, so it’s just proved the point that I’m not ready yet to chuck the day job and go whole hog at this writing thing. Close, but that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Maybe in another year, once I’ve got the major house repairs done, and a bit of money put away for emergencies. (Because heaven knows, they do seem to like me.)

My niece and nephew are thinking about moving out of the country to look for work, as well. Which means I’m expecting to inherit some of their menagerie. The girlchild may get her snake after all. And I may end up with some sort of lizard. And a dog. And possibly some birds. (Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about menagerie.)

So pray for me to have a snow day. Because I just realized I left the car windows cracked open and the car will be full of snow now. O.O

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