#ManLoveSunday – Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas

Yes, it might be a bit early to be thinking Christmas, but here we are, one month away. 🙂 Click the linky thing to see who else is posting today.

stripper Christmas

Less than a month before Christmas, Carter woke up two hours early because the North Pole had moved into his bedroom. “Blech,” he stuttered and watched his breath flume away from him in a misty cloud. “What the hell? I bought oil last month. I can’t be out.” It must have gotten colder than predicted last night, or maybe that window in the kitchen had creaked itself open again. His poor furnace… Once the roof was done, he should look into getting one of those heat-pump things. He could live with the crappy pink bathroom and the toilet that plugged at least twice a week for a bit longer. Heat was a wonderful thing.

Gathering all his courage, he threw back the covers and dived for yesterday’s sweatpants, puddled on the floor by the bed. They weren’t any warmer than the air, and he danced in place as he pulled them on, making little noises of discomfort while he covered all the important bits and went hunting for more layers to add.

“Okay, house, what are you throwing at me this time?”

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