The No-Longer-Proto Office

office 3It’s done. Well, not completely done, but mostly done. 🙂 I’ve cleared a bunch of those old cookbooks out of the way. They’re hidden inside the dresser at the other end of the room, until I get truly sick of them taking up space and toss them. The small table now has a couple of small Japanese pottery vases and a couple of other souvenirs from one of my husband’s trips to Japan. Storage under the bed, until I find something cooler.

office 5

My bookcase, which is short enough to fit under the slope of the ceiling, but isn’t big enough to hold anything larger than a novel. Next thing on the list.

Office 4

The other end of the room. The junk is gone, the monitor and the computer (and my chair!) are upstairs. Whiteboards installed and the cork in place, though it needs some sort of backing to thicken it up. Yes, I’m watching House. 🙂

office 8

The first thing my editor said when she heard about the whiteboards was, “Make sure you write something rude on it right away.” Never let it be said that I’m one of those authors that are impossible to deal with and never take direction. The snake in the corner? That’s my daughter trying to convince me to buy her a snake. No.

office 9
The other white board, where I’ve been trying to figure out which story I actually know enough about to put at the top of the list.

office 6

The fish tank, with its five guppies, to go with the tropical theme of the room.

office 7

The obligatory cat. 🙂

A pretty decent place to work, if I do say so myself.

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