Proto-Office, Part 2

Been making progress on the office. Got a few things moved around. I’m still trying to decide where I want to put the pictures on the wall. Maybe it’s egotistical, but I’ve been thinking about getting one of those multiple picture frame deals and putting book covers in it. But I think it might be fun to watch the spaces fill in over time.

office 2

There’s my ‘brainstorming’ cot, with my chameleon pillow and the stuffed parrot I made in Grade 7 Home Ec.
office 1

There’s my desk. I like them wide and not terribly deep. My fishtank is going to stay there, right in front of the window. I’m thinking about a small school of barbs–I like the way they move. The lemur’s tail has to move, though–I keep running into it. If it can touch my head, then it’s way too low for anything.

Finally a desk with drawers! I like having all these drawers at my fingertips, so I can keep the desktop clear. My current desk is the exact opposite, which drives me wild, because I can’t get to anything. There’s still a lot of stuff hanging around in this picture, but by Sunday night, I plan to be moved in, whiteboards installed, corkboard in place, and my bookshelf within easy reach.

In other news, I’m officially on summer leave at my job (I’ve been saving like mad to be able to do this) and now I’m free to write all day long if I want to.

Better make it count, eh?

4 responses to “Proto-Office, Part 2

  1. I love the brainstorming cot. And how great that you’ll finally have time to get set up in there!

  2. I love the cover collage idea. If only I had more than one cover…:( and I have to share….
    (kidding, gonna do it anyway)

  3. You’ll have lots of covers soon. Remember, I know what’s coming down the pipe.

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