Tuesday Tickle: A Knight in Shining Kevlar

So, my little weather bomb did a real number on me. RCMP have been asking people to stay off the roads for the past three days, the huge poplar tree in the side yard lost about half it’s branches and everything is covered in half an inch of ice.

I’m a little behind in producing new words–my jaw flared up again over the weekend and my one trip out of the house was to Emergency for painkillers. I only took one, because I hate how opioids make me feel, but it was almost enough to break the pain cycle. So, I’ve been functional, but nowhere near the state necessary for writing.

However, I do have a few bits and bobs that I threw into Knight, as I reacquaint myself with the manuscript and try to figure out what additions and changes I want to make. Here’s one of them:

They stopped to pick up steaks at the grocery store. Ben, wearing a grin that Ross could only categorize as impish, had dropped a frozen caramel cheesecake into their basket as well.

“In case I burn the steaks.” But his eyes danced and Ross had to laugh.

“Despite what you might think, I’m not a picky eater.”

Ben grinned and bumped a hip casually against Ross’s. The flash of desire was pretty much status quo at this point, but the warm, ‘just came home’ feeling was a bit of a surprise.

Getting ahead of yourself there, Gorveatt. Foot off the accelerator. He followed Ben up to the cash register, taking the opportunity to admire the way his police jacket fell across his shoulders, how the trousers gripped and slid over his thighs with each step. Damn, but he was a sucker for a uniform.

Have to see how the rest of it falls out before I know if that will stay, but it’s a cute little scene.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled heating pad and Chuck marathon.

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  1. Kimber Vale - April 1, 2014 Reply

    Hope you feel better soon, Kate! Sounds like that jaw just won’t quit.

    P.S. I need a tutorial on how you made your neato “My Books” video thingamajig.

  2. Kate Lowell - April 2, 2014 Reply

    That is the Gallery widget, with all the thumbnails put in it.

    As for the jaw, it’s a stress thing. You know what finally, really broke the cycle? Storm days. I napped with a hot pack on my jaw a couple of times a day, for like three days in a row. Never realized just how tired I’ve gotten.

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