This is a Parenting Win: Convincing Kids their Toy Dinosaurs Come to Life at Night

These guys have won the internet.

I love this. Really. Not only is it fun, and crazy, and like having Christmas every day in November, but I hope their kids start coming up with their own ideas some day. Maybe it could be a whole family thing, where they plan something that they do together in their own yard. What it does, though, is show that there’s no limit to imagination, and that lots of fun can be had without bells and whistles and touchscreens.

And, that you can have fun by making something fun for someone else. You can’t tell me the parents didn’t have a ball coming up with these ideas and implementing them. Man, I mean–that looks like so much fun, I want another kid, just so I can do this.

I wonder if I can make this work with my 12-year-old. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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