A Whole Bunch of Random Things

And not necessarily Halloween.

I missed the Tuesday Tickle. And I’m so tired tonight, I think I’ll just let it go for this week. Writing production has been at a near standstill for the last three months and I don’t want to over-expose anything. At least, not until there’s a chance it’ll be coming out in the near future.

That being said, I have two releases coming in December. One is a Christmas novella from Loose Id, with my two geeky lovers, Shawn and Rob. The other is a short story I donated to a charity anthology, in support of the writer’s forum at Absolute Write.

The charity antho, with the theme of Underground (in all the meanings of the word) is a way for some of us who hang out there a lot to help out with the costs of keeping the forum going. We tossed the idea around last summer, got some editors to volunteer their time and we’re about ready to ‘go to press’ with the book. Right now, there’s a cover contest going on–check out the forum for when you can vote for your favourite cover. I’ll put a note up here.

The Loose Id story comes out December 3, which has me freaking out, since it was only accepted a week and a bit ago. I thought the production schedule for BMT was fast–this is two weeks shorter. Which means a lot of work over the next four weeks, and no playing around in other stories. I expect to have the first set of edits back to me this weekend. But the boys are adorable and Shawn is such majorly excellent boyfriend material, I’m thinking about having Rob shanghaied and throwing myself at Shawn. Not that he’d pick me up, dammit, but a girl can try, right?

Which makes me lol, because my writing group just had the weirdest conversation about haircolours and complexions that we like on our men (and our women). Are gingers really that unloved? Because I like a man with dark red hair. Or red-gold, though that’s harder to find. And Black Irish boys? YUM!

Kimber Vale says she’ll go brunette for me. Really need to get a room together at a con one of these days, just because the stories afterwards would be so awesome.

It’s Halloween, and I’ve had eight kids. That’s likely all I’ll have. I watched Cloverfield and rooted for the monster again. Now I think I’ll have a Mojito and a hot bath with a dirty book and wait for the kitten to get home from trick-or-treating, so I can raid her stash of candy. After all, that’s why you have kids, right? At least, it seemed like a good reason at the time. 😛

Oh, and while I know the squirrel is out and I should stop throwing squirrel pictures at you, here’s one that popped up in my Facebook feed today. (Oh, those Brits! Right, SA Meade?) And thanks for pushing Forgotten Menagerie as far up the ARe charts as it went and for putting it in the Top Five Downloads for four days! For such an odd little book, I was pretty happy with how well it did. And people seem to like Nathan, which is awesome, because I like him too.

So here’s your Halloween squirrel. I swear, I have to do something like this to Nathan…

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