Friday Night drive by: Panic!

No, actually, we’re good now. I thought someone had stolen my Margarita flavoured ice cream, but I found it hidden under a bag of french fries. (I’m such a good mom, I stock so many healthy foods in the house. :S) If only I could look in there and find some actual Margaritas, too. Is there a Margarita fairy?

margarita fairy

Well, would you look at that–there is! Here’s the link if you’d like to peruse the lady’s other wares.

Someone talked me into joining Twitter (naming no names, but you know who you are. I’ll get you for this, my pretty!). So, feel like stalking me? I’m not that entertaining, but maybe you are 🙂 @Kate_Lowell Seriously, I could use the laughs.

So, getting BMT ready to go out into the world requires the addition of at least one chapter and I think I’m going to add another one, just to be obsessive about it. still aiming for that end of August slot, which is frighteningly close. I’m lucky I have such fantastic support from the critique group, who are being incredibly patient with me. Hoping to have them help me give it a quick tiday, since the timeline doesn’t allow for me to set it aside for a couple of days before I start tweaking (the words, the words! Sheesh, some people…)

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