Friday Night Writing Excuses

Watcha doin’?

Here I am and it’s Friday night and it’s been a heck of a week—not in a good way. I’m tired, cranky, frustrated and all I really want to do is site on the couch with a bottle of something alcoholic and watch tv. I’m too tired even to read.
But I have 500 words to write today. Two pages. That’s not much, right?


Well, can`t write if I’m not at the computer. Oh, should check and see if I missed any birthdays on Facebook. Oh, look, there’s one. And gee, someone posted a video. Her stuff is usually pretty good. Just one won’t hurt.

Bwahahahaha! She got me! This girl really knows how to push my buttons. She knows I have a ‘thing’ about people who can’t be bothered to parent their kids. Watch this.   As Sheldon Cooper would say, “BAZINGA!”

Five videos later, I realize I’ve burned a half hour of writing time. Yeah, she got me. That’s okay. I can just name a redshirt after her in the next story.

Ok, well, I should check and see if there are any new science memes—plot bunnies come from the strangest places. I was attacked by two last night, at work, of all places. Hmmmm, nothing terribly interesting. That dude’s kinda cute though. Wonder if he’d mind if I borrowed him for a story?

Well, as long as I’m on the internet, I might as well check in with the writing groups. Oh, there’s a question for me. And I should see how far behind I am in critiques.

OUCH! When did those stories get posted? I think I know what my Saturday is going to look like now. And, I have two novels I’m betaing for other authors. Sticky notes, where are my sticky notes? If I don’t put it right in front of me, I’ll forget. Dear heavens, is that another plot bunny? Where’s my binder—I need to write this one down too.

Shoot, I just realised I never ordered that law enforcement book. Better do that before I write myself into a corner—there’s only so much information you can find on the internet. Although, I could ask the boys down at the police academy to beta it…

Email! I never checked email! And I have four addresses I use regularly. This could take some time.

Nothing interesting.

The news! Always good for a plot bunny, or some background information. Noooooo. Seriously? There’s some messed up people out there. Where does this link go?

45 minutes later… Wow, is it really that late?
😀  The mind of a writer.

On the bright side, I’m not the only one who does this. Here’s a link to an episode of the Writing Excuses podcast, all about–Writing Excuses. Or excuses not to write. If you’ve never heard of this group before, you should check them out. Amazing amounts of truly useful, pertinent information. I put the podcasts on my mp3 player and listen when I doing boring things, like driving to work.

Ben and Ross are yammering in my head. Better go before they get really obnoxious.

Have a great weekend!


ETA: 650 words later, Ben has finally gotten to see Ross’ bed. Not that he’s gotten anywhere near it yet, but he has seen it. Wonder if I can crunch out another 500 before I conk out?

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